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matt duff of major league bowhunter directing a hunt



Matt Duff is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. he grew up in Alligator, Mississippi, along the banks of the Mississippi River. Matt grew up hunting deer, ducks and turkeys with his father, who Matt credits for making him into the avid outdoorsman he is today. Matt particularly took a liking to bow hunting at an early age and now that the sun has set on his 13 year Professional Baseball career, Matt has taken his passion for bow hunting into the hunting industry as a business owner ans outdoor TV personality.​

As an owner and co-host of Major League Bowhunter, Matt spends time working on business aspects for the comapny as well as time in the field chasing big whitetails.

Brandon danker of major league bowhunter posing in black and white



Brandon Danker is a field producer and co-host for Major League Bowhunter. He also co-owns a roofing company with his father, Eldon. he grew up with his older brother, Jeff, in Chandler, Oklahoma. Brandon's talents as a horseman was evident at an early age, and he is still actively team roping in rodeos when he isn't hunting. Hunting is second nature to him as it is with most men in his family, and he will sit through a snow storm in Kansas just for the pure joy of being out in the elements to hunt whitetail bucks. Brandon has a daughter, Rylee, and a son, Tristan.

Macklin Nusz of major league bowhunter with a trophy buck



Macklin Nusz is the Sales Coordinator as well as a field producer for Major League Bowhunter. His primary role is developing new partnerships for the show. He will also be in the field hunting and filming just like the rest of the team. As a farmer, and owner of HEO Hunts (outfitter in Haviland, KS), Macklin has a passion for land management with a strong focus on both deer and upland bird habitat management and improvement.


Macklin has a daughter Charlee, daughter Augi, and wife Katy.

Jeff Bigler of major league bowhunter filming a hunt in Africa



Jeff Bigler is the Co-Founder of MBOGO and the Owner of Smokin Shutter Media. Jeff is an avid outdoorsman and enthusiast of all things Whitetail Deer. Bringing his expertise to the fore, he will be the driving force behind the editing and production of Major League Bowhunter. Jeff and his wife, Kate, have a daughter, Vera,

Riley green of major league bowhunter wearing real tree in the field


Guest Host

Riley Green is country music singer and songwriter. Before he was a recording artist, Green was a Division 1 FCS Quarterback on the  Jacksonville State University football team. Riley Green has been compelling Country music fans to raise a drink, shed a tear, and, above all, celebrate where they are from, since first releasing his self-titled EP in 2018. His songs like the No. 1 PLATINUM hit “There Was This Girl,” the 2X-PLATINUM-certified heart-tugger “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” (which he performed live at the 55th ACM Awards), and his chart-topping collab with Thomas Rhett, “Half of Me,” have made Riley synonymous with what Country music does best: making listeners feel something with his no-gimmick, relatable writing and classic feel. An avid sports fan, former athlete (Jacksonville State University quarterback) and outdoorsman.

Aaron Zimmerman of major league bowhunter with a big buck in Ohio



Aaron Zimmerman is the Marketing Director as well as a field producer for Major League Bowhunter. His role is maintaining current and new partnerships and helping with the day to day operations when needed. He will also be in the field hunting and filming just like the rest of the team. He has a strong love for hunting and a great passion for quality deer management.


Aaron has a son Hunter, wife Shauna, and will be welcoming his first Grandson in September of this year. 

Daisha Barkhimer of major league bowhunter


Director Of Operations

Daisha from Wewoka, Oklahoma and she has been a part of Major League Bowhunter since 2014. Though you don’t catch her on camera often, she’s a key part of the company. Daisha’s role is interacting with partners as well an array of office responsibilities. 


Daisha and her husband, Seth, have 3 daughters, Tinley, Quinthia and Leighton.

Mbogo outdoor marketing agency logo


Digital Marketing

Co-Founded by Brett M. Goff and Jeff Bigler, Mbogo is an Outdoor Industry Marketing Agency. Their team is made up of experts in marketing, advertising, branding, and design, all of whom share a deep passion for the outdoors. They maintain MLB's social media, Show Direction, Website, and all things digital.

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