Chipper Jones


Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves All-Star third baseman, is one of the most recognizable and respected names in Major League Baseball. His numerous records, awards, and statistics spanning over 15 years has assured his place in Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Not only has his fame and popularity for his accomplishments on the baseball diamond brought him many awards and accolades, but his passion for hunting and love for the outdoors is fast becoming more embedded into America’s perspective when one hears the name “Chipper Jones”.

As co-owner of Major League Bowhunter, Chipper also works alongside his good friend Duff as a host of the show, sharing his knowledge and experience as an accomplished bowhunter. His enthusiasm in the outdoors comes across not only on camera, but in the inner workings of the day to day business of the company.

Chipper has six sons, Matthew, Trey, Tristen, Shea, Cutler, Cooper, and a step-son, Bryson, with his wife, Taylor.


Matt Duff


Matt Duff is a former Major League Baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. he grew up in Alligator, Mississippi, along the banks of the Mississippi River. Matt grew up hunting deer, ducks and turkeys with his father, who Matt credits for making him into the avid outdoorsman he is today. Matt particularly took a liking to bow hunting at an early age and now that the sun has set on his 13 year Professional Baseball career, Matt has taken his passion for bow hunting into the hunting industry as a business owner ans outdoor TV personality.​

As an owner and co-host of Major League Bowhunter, Matt spends time working on business aspects for the comapny as well as time in the field chasing big whitetails.


Brandon Danker


Brandon Danker is a field producer and co-host for Major League Bowhunter. He also co-owns a roofing company with his father, Eldon. he grew up with his older brother, Jeff, in Chandler, Oklahoma. Brandon's talents as a horseman was evident at an early age, and he is still actively team roping in rodeos when he isn't hunting. Hunting is second nature to him as it is with most men in his family, and he will sit through a snow storm in Kansas just for the pure joy of being out in the elements to hunt whitetail bucks. Brandon has a daughter, Rylee, and a son, Tristan.

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Brad Stricker

Marketing Director

Brad Stricker is the Marketing Director as well as a Field Producer for Major League Bowhunter. His role is maintaining current and new sponsorship partners and helping with the day-to-day business operations when needed. He will also be in the field hunting and filming just like the rest of the team. He has a strong love for hunting and a great passion for quality deer management and food plotting his farm in Illinois. He also owns a landscape company and tree service which is why his love for food plotting comes second nature to him. Brad was also a former St. Louis Cardinals Bat Boy.

Brad has a son Blake, daughter Hannah, and a stepson, Sergio and stepdaughter, Adrianna with his wife, Jodi.

Colin Perry


Colin Perry is a producer and editor of Major League Bowhunter. He is from French Camp. Mississippi where he grew iup hunting with his Dad and Grandad. Colin enjoys being behind the camera and capturing the stories of our hunts as much as being in front of it. Chasing turkeys in the spring is one of his favortotes but there's nothing like being in a tree with a bow in hand!